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Large Wheeled Chilly Bin Hamper


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These top quality chilly bins (made in USA) are an awesome way to express ultimate gratitude. Available in 4 sizes.



42.6 Lt Rubbermaid Chilly Bin

20 pk European Serviettes

Sparkling Grape Juice 750ml

Delisio Potato Chip 140gm

Doritos Corn Chips 300gm

Sweet As Popcorn 100gm

Grainwave Snacks 210gm

Boxed Cracker Selection 250gm

Waterthin Twists 110gm

Loaf Bites/Slice 120gm

Tim Tam/Chocolate Biscuits 175gm

Cashew & Soy Mix 80gm

Mallowpuffs Biscuit 200gm

Potato Grills 75gm

2 x Barkers Chutney 245gm

Snack Factory/Macy & Taylor Pretzel Crisps 180gm

Salted Toffee Pretzels 50gm

Black Pepper Peanuts 100gm

Delite Rice Crackers 100gm

Flat Bread Crackers 100gm

Salty Caramel Popcorn Bag 50gm

10 pk Coffee Sachets

Pringle Chips 134gm

Cranberry & White Choc Brownie 80gm

Shapes Crackers 175gm

French Vanilla Almonds 90gm

Donovans Chocolates 150gm

Chocolate Block 180gm

Chocolate Raisin/Nut Mix 100gm

Toffee Pop 200gm

5 Assorted Roses Chocolates

All packaged inside this high-quality Chilly Bin and beautifully bowed


Please Note:   If for any reason any product included in this gift box should become unavailable or out of stock, we promise that we’ll replace it with another item/s of the same or greater value, that also matches the theme of the gift box as shown.  We use both woodwool and tissue paper to protect the products in every hamper.


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